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The Maya Prophecy 2012 – A Vision of the Future???


The Maya Prophecy 2012 – A Vision of the Future!!!

The Alpha and The Omega..


The Last Page of the Dresden Codex

Welcome to the 20th December 2012 and at precisely 20:20hrs (time of start of blog).. My final blog on the Maya Prophecy 2012 and one day before the Prophesied day of the 21st December, 2012 at the universal time of 11:11 am (21+12+2012=2045(2+0+4+5=The Number 11)

Tomorrow marks a change in the cycle of things.. Maybe and maybe not this may signify the start or the end of something new or old.. or maybe its “The Alpha and The Omega” The Beginning and End of everything and everything.. Who knows for sure.. Only time will tell !!!!

Now what will tomorrow really bring.. A shift in human consciousness, and as we move through to The Age of Aquarius – The Water Bearer in 2654 AD/CE (the orb of influence started in ca AD/CE 1934/1930s) and as beautifully depicted in the last page of the Dresden Codex (above).. or as many people have prophesied and feared in their own right, the beginning of the End of the World!!!  The Alpha of the Omega. Will it really happen in one false swoop on the 21st.. or over a period of time. ‘I believe’ this moment marks the cross over point between 3 decades.. one and a half decades either side of the alignment.. Think of the 21st alignment as the eye of the storm and in which it’s very calm and beautiful and before heading back into the treacherous and murky waters as we enter into the other side of the storm. This explains the amount of natural disasters we’ve had in the last decade and a half and therefore I think there’s another decade and a half of natural events yet still to come and where things may continue to get worse and by way of natural disasters. In respect to the date of the 21st itself..  I don’t believe that tomorrow will be the end of everything and everything and by way of an End of the World scenario. It’s just a phase we’re going through.

Now let’s talk about what really matters is.. What’s happening right now.. In the hearts and mind of people all over the world and on this subject.. What is reality and what is fiction???

Did the Maya really say it was the End of the World..!!!  Or is that just a by product of many misinterpretations of the Codex by people all over the world.. or has the Prophecy been hijacked and manipulated by a governmental conspiracy to cover up for some crazy plot to overtake the world using a weather controlling machine and just to reduce the numbers in the population pool !!!

Whatever the truth.. There’s one thing that no one can deny and that is the fact that the Dresden Codex’s does exist.. And it’s real.. However the question that remains to be seen.. is.. ‘Is it’ just an astronomical, agricultural and seasonal predicting tool, based on the observations, of the cycles of the heavens and on which a 26,000 year cycle and the great Mayan calendar systems comes to an end..??

As far as predictions go.. The Maya wrote all their observations and findings in a 74 page almanac called The Dresden Codex which is over 100 pages.. The Dresden Codex (a.k.a. Codex Dresdensis) is a pre-Columbian Maya book of the eleventh or twelfth century of the Yucatecan Maya in ChichŽn Itz‡. The Maya codex is believed to be a copy of an original text of some three or four hundred years earlier. Almost 80 of those pages are detailed astronomical facts, figures and charts that are as accurate than anything we have today. The Codex contained astronomical tables of outstanding accuracy and precise information on rainy seasons, floods, illness and medicine. It also shows conjunctions of constellations, planets and the Moon. It is most famous for its Lunar Series and Venus table. The lunar series has intervals correlating with eclipses. The Venus Table correlates with the apparent movements of the planet. Contained in the codex are almanacs, astronomical and astrological tables, and religious references. The specific numen references have to do with a 260 day ritual count divided up in several ways. The Dresden Codex contains predictions for agriculturally-favorable timing.

Dec 21st 2012 was the Mayans last great astronomical prediction and which marks the end of their calendar system.. On the 21st December 2012 and for the first time in 26,000 years our Earth, Moon and Sun will be directly in line with the center of our galaxy, known as the Milky way and at the Center  ‘the Dark Rift’, the place in between wherein exists a Black Hole. When the conjunction/alignment occurs Sagittarius and Scorpio will be on either side of the conjunction and hidden right in between the constellation of Ophiuchus..’The Serpent’ also known as the forbidden 13th Zodiac. Ophiuchus the serpent is clearly depicted in the Dresden Codex above.

On the run up to the 21st December they predicted great astronomical events, natural disasters and lots of flooding and again, as beautifully depicted in their codex’s (as above). All of which have been occurring all around us.. There no doubt about that.. Its been happening for the last decade and a half.. You would be a fool to deny this much evidence in hindsight or even be a really stupid skeptic to deny the greatest events of our time.

However that’s it.. That’s where it all comes to an end.. There’s no mention of an End of World Event in the last page of the codex.

Interpretations of the Codex.

There are many different interpretations of the Codex and to be found out there on the internet.. but let’s start with reading the codex for ourselves and from top to bottom.

If you read the above codex from right to left.. (on the serpents body at the top).. It shows the last 2 Katuns in the final Baktun.

dresdencodex 4 events

1st on right – This to me looks like the Sun’s Solar Activities and in the form of a coronal mass ejection (CME) and which occurred earlier this year on the 22 Jan, 2012

(Article on CME earlier this year – https://thewaterdragon.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/and-so-it-begins-22/)

2nd on the right  – These are the two passing’s of Venus in front of the Sun which occurred on June 8th 2004 and 5th/6th June 2012 this year.

3rd in middle – The final Solar eclipse of the last Baktun which happens 21.12.2012.. 

This is the Galactic Conjunction and Alignment forecast for Dec 21st 2012

4th on left- the final day of the 13th Baktun- 21.12.2012 –

This however to me looks like something else.. I don’t understand why the Maya would have 2 sections for the same day – One for the final day of the Baktun  and One for the Conjunction / Alignment. Therefore I believe the 4th one represents something yet still to come.. Don’t quote me on that yet.. I maybe wrong or then I maybe right !!!


The Rest of the Codex

Many believe the last page of the Dresden Codex shows the destruction of the world via water. If you look at the image, you will see waves gushing from the mouth of a celestial dragon or what I believe to be Ophiuchus ‘The Serpent’ or as as depicted in Chinese Folklore as the Water Dragon. It’s ironic that we’re living in the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon in 2012. On further examination of the Celestial Dragon i.e the Serpents body, you will see water pouring from the underside and from two symbols that represent the sun and moon giving us a understanding that there might be a deeper connection to the events that have happened and are still occurring. Also you will see an Aged Goddess which I believe to be a Mayan representation of the Greek Goddess Aquarius – The Water Bearer also pouring flood water onto a bird like character.. Whether this representative of the Earth remains to be seen.. You would think that if the Mayan’s were so Astronomically observant, they would of realized that all celestial bodies in the heavens were round in shape and in turn they would of also realized that the planet they are standing on, is also of a spherical shape. If they knew this, I’m sure you would of seen some fancy Hollywood Blockbuster style hand drawn illustrations depicting some sort of cataclysmic event with some explosions and stick men flying in all sorts of directions, and depicting namely the End of the World.  Finally at the bottom of the picture, crouches the ruler of the underworld.. This to me looks like a Mayan representation of the well known Olympian God and Ruler of the Seas or better known as ‘Poseidon’ in Greek Astrology and Mythology.

As far as the rest of the Codex is concerned.. about half of the 15 glyphs have been destroyed, but a few of the remaining ones consistently refer to “Black Earth” or “Black on High”. There are many ambiguous analogies can be drawn from the terminology ‘Black Earth” nothing in a positive light. What ever it means, it still remain ambiguous in many ways.

However that’s it.. That’s where it all comes to an end.. There’s no mention of an End of World Event in the last page of the codex.



Ophiuchus is a large constellation located around the celestial equator. Its name is from the Greek Ὀφιοῦχος “serpent-bearer”, and it is commonly represented as a man grasping the snake that is represented by the constellation Serpens.

In Conclusion..

I don’t think there’s much left to be said.. Only that we might be on the cusp of the greatest event ever to be witnessed in the 21st Century.. or should I say not to be witnessed cause your not going to be able to see it.. The Sun will be blocking our view of the alignment/conjunction.. If something does happen, then it will be, what I have coined a white out.. You wont even see it happen. However in fairness, I don’t believe it will be the end of the World tomorrow.. but if in the slightest chance I might be wrong.. Then I’m sorry and hope you have all lived wonderful lives and have thoroughly enjoyed reading my blogs.. Right.. So on that note, I’m now off to have a lot of wonderful ‘end of the world’ sex. Be with your families, Love each other and chill man, I wouldn’t miss this for the end of world.

Peace and Light..

The Water Dragon
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And so it begins.. 22


And so it begins.. 22.. On the eve of writing up my very first blog called ‘Hello World! From 22..

And pretty much around the same time..

The sun erupted late on January 22, 2012 with an M8.7 class flare, an earth-directed coronal mass ejection (CME), and a burst of fast moving, highly energetic protons known as a “solar energetic particle” event. The latter has caused the strongest solar radiation storm since September 2005 according to NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center.

NASA’s Goddard Space Weather Center’s models predict that the CME is moving at almost 1,400 miles per second, and could reach Earth’s magnetosphere – the magnetic envelope that surrounds Earth — as early as tomorrow, Jan 24 at 9 AM ET (plus or minus 7 hours). This has the potential to provide good auroral displays, possibly at lower latitudes than normal.

Excerpt and photos taken from – http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/news/News012312-M8.7.html

Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the flare, shown here in teal as that is the color typically used to show light in the 131 Angstrom wavelength, a wavelength in which it is easy to view solar flares. The flare began at 10:38 PM ET on Jan. 22, peaked at 10:59 PM and ended at 11:34 PM.


The Solar Heliospheric Observatory captured the coronal mass ejection (CME) in this video (which shows the sun’s activity from January 19 to January 23). The end of the movie shows the interference caused by the onslaught of fast, energetic solar particles emitted from the sun.


Excerpt and photos taken from – http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sunearth/news/News012312-M8.7.html

The CME and Solar Flares caused a very rarely seen Aurora over the Northern Hemisphere of the UK.. The dancing Northern Lights were seen from Scotland, Norther Ireland to parts of Northern England..

Reed Ingram Weir took this photograph on the A1 near Alnwick Northumberland.

Greg Clarke

Aurora in Whitley

An aurora borealis lights up the sky behind the Tan Hill Pub on the Pennine moorland in North Yorkshire (Paul Kingston/North News)